Handmade Tote Purses

Handmade Totes

A little about the woman behind the bags.

As a stay at home mom with children ready to leave the nest, I found excess time on my hands.  Creating has always been one of my greatest joys, so I began using  some of my spare time to create bags.  As they began to take off I realized that perhaps I would be able to create a full time business from a part time passion.

Each piece has been  handmade from beginning to end in my sewing studio.  I  take great pride in my work and in creating distinctive items from my own patterns.  There is something so satisfying in taking a beautiful fabric and making a functional piece of artwork from it.

My  inspiration is found in many ways, but I am always inspired when I hear back from happy customers after they receive their new bags.  I adore creating a custom messenger bag for a young girl starting school, or a new mom.

I strive to make every bag special, and every customer a happy one.  I love to know that my keeta's have found happy homes with owners that love them.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about the Keeta Collection.  Please feel free to write if you should have any questions.

Vicki Ray


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